What to do before applying for a mortgage loan?

Before applying for a home loan make sure you view the 6 Must Do’s Before Buying A Home and you should contact a mortgage lender to start the pre-qualification process. Additionally, here is a handy list of documents needed to get a home loan. We’re available if you have any questions, call 858-242-5647.

To Inspire And Nurture The Human Spirit, One Home Purchase At A Time

We understand that buying a new home is an exciting yet sometimes stressful time. We strive to make this as simple and easy for you as possible.  We’ve streamlined our processes to keep your loan moving forward and communicate with you every step of the way.

Chances are, if you’re on this page you’ve already spoken with Sindie or someone from her team! This first step is the most important because this is where we get to know you and understand your goals. At this time we assess your credit and determine the best financing options for you.

We learn everything we need to know about you through the application process. Our online application is secure and easy to use. It’s important that the application is completed accurately and thoroughly.


A link is available at the bottom of this page.

Our goal is gather as much information at the beginning as possible. This eliminates urgent or last minute requests for documentation. You’ll need to provide your W2’s and taxes, paystubs, and bank statements. We’ve made this easy to do with our secure online document sharing program. We’re fax friendly too!

This is where we get the official green light to move forward with your home loan. Escrow is opened and our loan processes begin here. We submit your application and documentation to underwriting and get your appraisal ordered right away.

Your loan package is submitted to underwriting where the file is evaluated to confirm your ability to repay the loan and that your application qualifies for the selected loan program.

After underwriting evaluates your loan package and confirms your ability to repay the loan, you will be approved with conditions. We will work with you to fill in any gaps and answer underwriting’s questions. This could be anything from a letter to explain something or an updated financial if some has passed since starting this process.

Underwriting will review all of the items we submit to satisfy the conditions. Once verified that all conditions are taken care of, we are ready to close. 

Loan documents will be ready for you to sign to make your dream home purchase official! We work with the escrow company to assemble the final paperwork and confirm the total funds needed for the closing day.  Our goal is make this a smooth and stress free experience.